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AscenT  Professional  Recruitment  Outsourcing  Inc.,

is a 100% Filipino-owned corporation that aims to provide workforce solutions to the BPO industy, as well as niche, specialized, and executive hiring in any vertical or industry.

Whether you are a Fresh Graduate, seeking for your first stepping stone in the corporate world, or a Veteran Executive, seeking for that one Company that you can help achieve its corporate strategy, our Professional Recruiters will help find that right fit.

 “The most important job in any organization is hiring the right people. Yet most companies undermine this essential to make them succeed. In our company, we hire based on character, and develop our people with the skills they need.”

-Raphael Jorge C. Macapagal – President, Co-Founder & CEO


To be the number one provider of the world’s most important resource: PEOPLE.


We will be the recruiter of choice for candidates, as we connect with them on a personal level, and understand where they want to be at the end of their careers, not just right now. We will be the vendor of choice for our clients by providing them the time they deserve, and the assets they need to make their organization successful. We will be the employer of choice for our people by treating them as family, nurture their careers, and making them realize that doing business and making the world a better place is possible. We envision to be a company that is known as  “Force for Good” making a difference to as many people’s lives by providing them opportunities that can take companies to new heights and bring positive impact to the communities, industries, and the society.

“Know More About ‘George’ ” 

Nurses had always been known for being well rounded and resilient. Georgina was said to be one. She worked as a nurse last 2011 and after dedicating her lives to patients, she then decided to have a change of career wherein she can still lend a hand to other people. She always believed that the BPO industry can pave ways for her growth, development and success in life. She was exposed to sales and marketing for almost two years, operations for three years, and now in recruitment.

Georgina was one of the pioneer employees of the company who helped in the quality assurance and training of BPO agents under AscenTology. After a year, she was moved to AscenT PRO and started her profession as a recruitment specialist. She helped create the recruitment process, authored playbooks, and contributed ideas that combined different styles from marketing and BPO operations veering away from traditional recruitment methods. In addition to this, she achieved in generating the highest revenue for the company in its first year. With her hard work, passion for the job, and eagerness to learn more, she continued to stay abreast and consistently contributed to the progression of Ascent.

Currently, she is the Recruitment Manager and is handling all hiring requirements of PRO. She oversees job needs from different project leads and its teams and help manage them to deliver specific target goals and exceed it. Other than that, her leadership style encourages collaboration with the team, along with building strong relationship with others by showing a sincere interest in employees and the solutions to their problems. With this, it is her warmth and passion that make her such a valuable resource to the company and to all those around her.


Recruitment Manager


AscentPRO Inc. offers a flexible menu of value-add services for your HR needs. This allows you to take full control of the crafted solution that will enable you to achieve your goals, while ensuring the most cost-effective process is applied from Point A to Point B.


We source, assess and recruit the best candidates from C-level up to your front line staff specializing in healthcare (PHRN, USRN, coders), and highly skilled and technical positions in all BPO verticals such as telco and media, BFIS, travel and hospitality, retail, and more. We can provide staff for both voice and non-voice, and any skill set that your company needs to achieve its goals.

Our network in the industry assures you that we will find you the best candidate for your needs.

Executive Hiring

Due to our extensive experience and achievement in the industry, we have had the benefit of building an extensive network, not only in the BPO space, but in others as well. This network allows us to find the best executives and managers for your goals. Our policy is to work with our partners and select only those positions we know we can fill, so that your time and that of the candidates are not wasted by a mismatch.

We have also built a formidable team with considerable resources in executive hiring, allowing us to provide services to any industry, at any level.

Professional Services

We also provide consulting for any HR needs that you may have. Whether it is compensation analytics, demographic studies, sourcing strategies, or the like, we welcome the conversation.

Should your organization also determine that you want to outsource other HR functions such as background check, medical testing, language proficiency, or payroll processing, we are more than willing to evaluate. Let’s talk.

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