Consider yourself lucky if you land on your dream job after you graduate from college. Some are struggling looking for their job that will really suit their course from what they took in college. While others just take the opportunity that was given to them. As for me, I consider myself as blessed and at the same time lucky on my first job. You want to know why? Here are some reasons to support my claims.

So first and foremost, usually, the real scenario graduating students in college look for when they do their job search is that it has to be something related to the course they took in college. After all, they don’t want to waste what they learned and apply it to the real world, right? But others tend to change path. They want to pursue want they really want maybe because they didn’t pick the course and it’s most likely their parents choice. Other people take an opportunity that can offer a higher rate of pay than sticking to a job which is related to the course they took. For what I see, it really depends on your goals and current life situation. It’s all a matter of choice.

Second, I was really excited to work after I graduated. You know that feeling that finally, I will experience what the real corporate world is and how to deal with “adulating” real life scenarios. I’m now more independent since I get to live on my own with my brothers as well as to handle my own hard earned money. I was really looking forward to it. Now that I’m working, I now see the clearer and the better picture. I now currently work as a social media associate and believe it or not, it’s not what I really wanted to do or to pursue since my personality involved dealing with people like events and public relations and social media is not really my forte or what I was aiming to do. It was just part of a major subject in my school called Digital Marketing.

Third, in my 2 months of stay in the company I work for, I learned that there is so much more to learning. I believe that experience is still the best teacher that can hone and grow you to the person you want to be. Right now, I get to appreciate the social media aspect of marketing and how it can be maximized to perform the marketing of a company or a brand. I also learned to face my fears with numbers because as a communications student back in college, I would always have a hard time with data and dealing with numbers when it comes to analytics. Now, by small steps, I get to appreciate analytics and how it can really show you real results.

Lastly, I will be forever grateful to the first company who gave me my first job as a social media associate. It was a roller coaster ride I must say. You get to experience the company of your colleagues as well the challenges and rough patches towards the work and your boss. At the end of the day, hopefully, it will be all worth it. That’s why I consider myself blessed. I’m blessed with good people around the office whom I now consider as life long friends and I get to experience a good foundation towards the career I am aiming for in my first job.